Giving answers to your questions

If you drive a car, then driving a boat is very easy. After a few instructions and few tips, you are ready to go.

As long you follow our instructions and respect the boat and the sea, you don’t have to worry. Just be aware of your surroundings and stay inside the limits we provide you and we guarantee that you are going to have a perfect day cruising.

For boats up to 30hp you don’t need a license

Yes, but they need to have their life jackets on.

Yes you can, a life jacket is supplied for you to feel the absolute safety.

On a boat up to 30hp you can go up to 5 miles away from Nidri and visit Meganisi, Skorpios, Desimi Bay and more. (check our destinations and our map)

The main tank of the boat is 25lt and you have another 10lt reserve. The fuel provided is more than enough for the whole day and the area of 5 miles.

The fuel litres calculated are charged per litre on the daily fuel rate from the local gas station.The average usage of fuel is approx 20 to 35 euro for the whole day.

Yes. We required by law to insure all of our boats. All of our vessels have a third party insurance.

We have options on full insurance for all our boats and ribs, both with an excess of 500 euro for the boats and 1200 euro for the ribs respectively.(contact us for pricing)

We advise you to book your boat at least 4 days before, especially during high season.(3-8 days in advance)

We offer ice coolers free of charge upon departure, please ask for one.

All vessels are equipped with sun tents (bimini)

In case of any malfunction or breakdown, contact us immediately at one of the numbers we gave you before departing. Usually a direct solution is given following simple instructions over the phone and the problem is restored.
In case of a breakdown, we provide an immediate solution.

The boats are fully equipped with the following:
Anchor, life raft, life jackets, ropes, fire extinguishersignaling flares-smoke signals, pharmacy, torch.

In order to book a 30% down payment is required. In case of bad weather conditions(rain or force 7 wind) on the day we may change the booking for another date, or cancel the booking.

Boat’s pick-up spot is our office in Nidri. We can only deliver boat in condition they are rented for more than 3 days consecutively. (For some areas there is charge for delivery and pick up)

Ribs larger than 7m are equipped with an electric anchor.

Speed Boat License under the compliance of EU for EU citizens or Typical Speed Boat License for International Waters. You need to have an ICC (International Certificate of Competence).(Licenses for just coastal trips, will not be accepted).

Ribs with one main engine include spare engines which need an extremely simple starting procedure.

If the boat/rib can safely stay at the jetty then yes you may. The vessel will be moored with your responsibility.